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 FIRST - if you find a lower quoted rate from someone else, we will match that quote
and pay you a 20% rebate off your first month's paid invoice, up to $500!

Our Association represents business, as opposed to any particular carrier, when it comes to obtaining Rate & monthly recurring "loop" quotes. Instead of having contracts with only 1 or 2 carriers, The Association of Independent Telecommunications Managers has arrangements with just aout every major carrier in the country & numerous other wholesalers. Our goal is to insure our Business Rate & Loop Quotes come in as low as possible for every business that submits our Request a Quote Form.  In an effort to maintain unbiased recommendations for your business, the Association has no term or volume commitments with any carrier or reseller!

You get a  lowest price guarantee as an assurance to you and all other visitors of our web site that you will not find the same products that we carry - from the same product vendors - offered at a cheaper rate than the one we present. If you receive a quote for Company X on and find a cheaper quote elsewhere for Company X, our site will match that price and pay you a 20% rebate of your first month's paid invoice, up to $500, when you purchase through our site.

Instead, with our combined independent professional telecom manager's volume of business submitted to these carriers every month, our Association is able to obtain direct quotes from each carrier's dedicated T1 provisioning department on behalf of our business clients requesting quotes. These quotes will almost always be lower than a business can obtain on their own, plus we eliminate all the time normally needed for businesses to call in numerous carriers and listen to all their sales pitches, before obtaining straight forward easily understood quotes.

For a Specific Quote, based on your usage, physical location, & requirements
Please Review All Your Options Below
Then link to our T1 Quote Request Form and send us your inquiry!

Information on Contacting our Offices is Provided at the Bottom of this Page.

  • Outbound (1+) calling inter state with Rates Down To less than
  • 1.5 cents per minute.
  • Inbound (800) calls inter state also down to less than
  • 1.5 cents per minute.
  • Flat rate calling anytime, anywhere in the continental US
  • The more minutes you bill, the lower the per minute rate!

  • (Wholesale resellers have rcvd. quotes below 2.0 cents)
  • Intra-state rates vary depending on the State your office resides in.
  • No minimum monthly volume requirements unless you choose it to get lower rate.
  • No charge for verified or unverified account codes
  • Choice of Receiving Bill Detail on either Paper, Diskette, magnetic tape, or cdrom.
  • Some carriers allow direct access to daily Call Detail On-Line!!
Most Carriers bill in six second increments.

Understanding Dedicated T1 Service

Dedicated service does have a recurring monthly charge known as a "Local Loop or POP charge". This is a fee all carriers charge and it is based on the mileage from your facility to the carriers Point-of-Presence (switch facility).  It varies from carrier to carrier.  Because our Association has numerous Carrier Contacts at the wholesale level, we shop for the lowest loop charges on your behalf .  
There is a one time installation charge for the T1 circuits that varies, again based on the mileage and the carrier. In many cases we are able to waive or reduce the installation charge because of our sheer volume of clients all over the World.

 Send us the T1 Service Request Form with your contact information and direct office phone number and we will provide you 2 or 3 of the Best Quotes we obtain from multiple providers for  your POP/Loop charges , interstate rate &  intra-state rates.  


  • NPA/NXX only (which is the area code and prefix for the T-1 line) The rest of your phone # is not given out!!
  • Physical Address of the office location where the T-1 is installed, or to be installed.
  • (Again, the address is provided so the carrier can calculate the mileage to their switch , but your company name and contact phone #'s are NOT provided.)
  • Whether Your Company already owns their own Channel Banks (T-1 required equipment for hookup) or needs the carrier to include them as a monthly lease.  (The equipment leases normally run average - $150/month)

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