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As stated on our Main Services Web Page: Are you looking into the possiblity of either adding to your current Telephone system or upgrading to new equipment? Hardware vendors usually only represent one or two equipment manufacturers because they want to get volume discounts from their manufacturers. This makes it difficult for most vendors to truly look out for the clients best interest when recommending various types of equipment options to meet your required needs. We are not hardware vendors and so we aren't going to try to sell you more equipment than you need, or a system we know won't meet your needs. We will determine your needs, then set up the Request For Proposal (RFP's), deal with all of the various vendors in your area, and finally connect you with the vendors of your choice after going over their proposals with you first. We can save you BIG $$'s and insure your upgrade decision is one that will last well beyond the average of 5-7 years.

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