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International Callback & Intl. Direct Dial
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For Details on what callback is or how callback, Direct Dialed International, or International Toll Free Services work, we provided additional details you can link to below.

International Callback will save companies all around the world up to 70%
over their country's local phone company!

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for international originating calling cards

for Callback & Direct Dial intl. service from most West & Eastern European countries, Canada, Japan, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Chile, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, & Spain. CLICK HERE to review service.

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How Callback works

  1. The customer dials his/her assigned dialup access number, which rings in the Provider's Switch in the U.S..
  2. Hang up after you hear it ring once.  (You will not be charged for this call)
  3. Automatic call back line will ring back your chosen call back number within 10-20 seconds.
  4. The customer answers.
  5. Customer hears a dial tone.
  6. Simply dial the telephone number you wish to reach as follows: 00+country code + city code + telephone number
  7. Most providers allow customer to simply hit # key on their phone to continue placing additional calls.
  8. Once a month, at the end of the billing period, customer will receive an invoice to their e-mail address.
  9. Email will allow you to retrieve a detailed record of your calls from a private access web site only you can view.
  10. There is NO charge if the destination number is busy or there is no answer!!

Changing Callback # when traveling

You can change the destination number when traveling simply by contacting customer service by email and provide the following information:
  1. your customer number
  2. your access number ( DID )
  3. and the new return destination number (including the country and city codes)
  4. allow 24hrs (because of time differences) for new callback location's number to be changed.
Additional Features
Every Business or individual that places frequent international calls should
 Purchase 1 or more AutoDialers
Autodialers allow the caller to simply place calls like they normally do, but the dialer recognizes when a international call is being dialed and automatically stores the international number caller just dialed, then dials Callback Access #, hangs up after 1st ring, accepts incomming dial tone and then enters the international # you just dialed 15 seconds earlier.
 For information on How AutoDialers can save you time & money, click here.


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