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    Founded in 1989, Telegroup (now called Primus) has grown from a reseller of U.S. domestic long distance to an innovator in international telecommunications. Sales revenues grew from $270,000 in 1990 to over $200 million in 1996. Telegroup is currently the sixth largest carrier of international traffic out of the United States. Today Telegroup operates a digital, facilities-based telecommunications network to deliver its services in a reliable, flexible and cost-effective manner to approximately 268,000 active customers worldwide. with 40 offices around the globe. Our Association offers lists Telegroup as one of  the best values for international calling, international toll-free services, and intl. travel calling cards. Telegroup's commitment to excellent customer service, an easy to read and understand invoice, and the best overall rates has helped them to be named to the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America the past two years in a row.

    Telegroup is a leader in bringing competition to telephony in countries outside the U.S. By 1995, Telegroup had become the  largest callback provider in the world. However, we look at this accomplishment as a stepping stone, not a goal. We are now deploying advanced intelligent switches in those countries where we have a substantial number of customers. These switches allow us to offer our customers call-through services, with quality and speed comparable to that offered by the incumbent PTT, but at a substantially lower rate.

    These highly intelligent switches and the fiber optic cables that connect them form the netwrk.gif

    Here are what Telegroup's customers said about their service:

"We use Global Access daily to Asia, Africa, and the Americas. our employees are very satisfied and the savings are phenomenal. Telegroup has more than fulfilled our expectations."

- Sweets & Zeitlinger, Netherlands.

"In the beginning we were somewhat skeptical. but our experiences is that is really works well. We even use it to countries where we don't save money because the connections are fast and the quality is superb. Last but not least, the people from Telegroup are always there for us, even after the sale."

- Ryder Transport Services GmbH Hamm, Germany

"Global Access of Telegroup contributes significantly to lowering our costs, particularly to the U.S. and to Canada. We like the very conveniently arranged bill. The callbacks some immediately."

- Eppendorf-Netherler-Hinz GmbH Hamburg, Germany

Newsweek International

Callback imports the American revolution in telephony to international long distance service while worldwide - lowering rates and transforming global communications and commerce.

Twenty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court broke up the monopoly telephone system in America, resulting in enormous competition in long distance services and reducing per minute cost of long-distance calling by more than 500%. A similar revolution in the rest of the world is led, not by court decisions, but by competition from the new callback companies. Callback allows anyone to use a U.S. dial tone and take advantage of lower U.S. rates to make their international calls. In Europe, this competition is forcing the telephone monopolies (PTTs) of each country to reduce international phone rates. Callback companies still offer much lower rates for international calling and have gained a significant market share of the European and Asian markets. In fact, the PTTs of several countries are already investing in callback companies to keep up with them. The most innovative callback companies are already looking beyond call back to transparent callback and international call through. For the end user, that means simpler, easy-to -use international calling at even lower prices. Callback consultancies are available to help callers make the most cost-effective choices in selecting callback services. The real revolution in telecommunications will take place in the coming year with the creation of highly developed "intelligent" phone networks to every part of the globe. The rapidly evolving technology which combines computers with telecommunications via making it possible to create telecommunications networks where distance is meaningless. Telegroup of Fairfield, Iowa, USA, is installing the first extensive intelligent network of switches circling the globe. The more interconnected the switches are, the more "intelligent" they become, providing more convenient services at lower prices. Telegroup's network will contain fifteen switches in every continent, providing direct-dial enhanced services at prices even lower than their current callback prices. The world is rapidly becoming smaller with the evolution of global telephony soon reaching levels where the quality, cost and convenience of communication anywhere in the world will be better than that available within the same city ten years ago.

Newsweek, March, '96

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