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 IDT - founded in 1990, the company offers a diverse package of telecom services to
 residential and commercial customers. IDT's visionary technology has enabled
 international users to access U.S. carriers and bypass the much higher rates
 charged by most countries' foreign-owned telephone companies.

 Today, the company has annual sales of $100 million and over 86,000 customers.

 Based in the New York metro area, IDT is licensed by the US Government
 through the Federal Communications Commission. The company is traded on the
 NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol: IDTC.

 As a major long distance re-seller IDT provides both its agents & customers with
both high  quality telephone line connections and low rates. As a discount wholesaler
IDT is always looking for the best package to serve a given customer base.
IDT's rates are always improving to the customer's benefit.

How International Callback Works

You are in Argentina and wish to place a call to Spain

animated callback diagram

  1. You dial a US telephone number (DID number).  When you signed up for the callback service this number is assigned to you and your phone number is programmed into the switch as your callback number.  The switch will prompt you to hang up in your choice of one of 10 languages.  By hanging up when the switch instructs you to do so you will not incur any PPT charges.

  2. The IDT switch has identified you by your special DID.  The switch will access you previously programmed callback number and place a call from the U.S. to you in Argentina.

  3. Your phone in Argentina will ring.  Once you answer the call the IDT switch will ask you to enter your destination number. 

  4. Once you enter the number you wish to reach in Spain the switch places a second call from the U.S. to Spain.

  5. Your call is connected when the IDT switch links the two calls (the U.S. to Argentina and U.S. to Spain)  The cost of the two linked calls is usually half the cost of a call direct from Argentina to Spain.

*IDT Telecom's International Callback works from over 200 countries