Toll free 800 service at wholesale/discount prices down to 4.9 cents/min. 24hrs/day with no volume commitments.  Lower rates for higher volumes. "Best Picks" by Telecom Association.

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800 Toll Free Numbers for Business or Personal Use



Many people aren't aware that we have exhausted almost 98% of all the possible 800 & 888 number combinations. The plan now in place is for the new 877 toll-free numbers available to work exactly as the 800 & 888 toll free numbers do.

Currently some of the best rates available for 800 numbers are as follows:
With these kinds of low wholesale rates, now any size business, or even individuals can have an 800 number. It's a necessity for businesses today, and much more inexpensive for parents than having kids call home collect or by calling cards. All calls are billed in six second increments which means if a caller calls and only stays on the phone for say 18 seconds to find out the person they wanted to speak to isn't in, before they hang up, your 800 number only gets billed for 18 seconds. Some carriers, including most local telephone company 800 numbers round up your billing charges to the next minute adding an average of 15% more minutes you're billed for each month.

If you already have an 800 number, we are confident the Association of Independent Telecommunications Managers can save you big $$'s.
If you are spending more than $3,000/month in combined outbound and 800 long distance, then you need to refer to our Dedicated Services for rates down as low as 3 cents/min. for high volume clients.



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